Friends from across the world respond to passing of Fred Newman

Institute Director Lois Holzman writes today on her blog about response from the Institute’s international community….

“Hundreds of messages are filling my inbox—outpourings of condolences, love and respect on the passing of Fred Newman. From all corners of the world those who studied with Fred, read one of our books, heard him speak in person or on video, or “met” him through others are writing to share their appreciation for all he has built. And share their stories—what they remember from an encounter, a life-changing therapeutic or performance experience, a radically re-orienting world view provocation. Reading these messages from so many friends and colleagues, and responding to them, is very moving. It’s as if societal time has momentarily stopped and I/we are world historical.

Fred’s life and accomplishments are noted in an official New York Times obituary that appeared this past weekend. It focuses on his influence on independent politics in the US and New York City politics overall. As you’ll see, the first line comments that Fred’s influence defies easy description. Fred would be gratified to read this, as he was very sceptical of the value of description, easy and otherwise, in the human social activity of creating a new world.”


About Janet Wootten

Janet Wootten is a media and public relations professional, a member of the Institute’s Board of Directors and a leader of its annual community fundraising campaign.
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One Response to Friends from across the world respond to passing of Fred Newman

  1. Babafemi Babatope says:

    For me, mere words are grossly inadequate to talk about the significance of Fred Newman to our generation. The man himself dedicated a substantial part of his life to the creation of an activity\performatory social therapy. Fred’s life is an unending performance, he recreated himself in many many of us who will carry on with the performance of the drama of his life. Therefore, to fully appreciate Fred’s contribution to humanity, one needs to take active part in the performance of his legacy. He lives on in our politics, emotionality, psychology, education, culture, theatre etc. Permit me to say that Fred (what he stood for) did not and can not die. He lives in us. Though his physical person will be missed, his ideology remains with this generation and several to come.
    Adieu papa Fred Newman!!!

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