Creativity Expert Keith Sawyer Joins Conversation on “Creating the World” w Gwen Lowenheim

Gwen Lowenheim

Yesterday was a wrap for “Creating the World: How to Foster Creative Community,” an online conversation led by Institute faculty and educator, Gwen Lowenheim.  The conversation attracted an artistic & poetic grouping of  innovators and community builders — the embryo of an evolving, multi-disciplinary play and creativity movement. 

Keith Sawyer, one of the country’s leading experts on creativity and author of Group Genius: The Creative Power of Collaboration,  joined in to lead one of the conversations.  He shared his background as a jazz musician, educator and business consultant and answered questions on everything from how scientists study creativity to why dancers dance sideways.  

Conversationalists included several university educators, business entrepreneurs, a biologist, a physician, several dance therapists, some group facilitators and (fittingly) a hospital clown, among others. They logged on from Nigeria, Brazil, Australia, Denmark, Mexico, Canada, Bangladesh, Serbia, and the U.S.  The group playfully hunkered down to discuss such weighty issues  as:  how do you lead groups in communities overwhelmed by violence, and is it possible to relate to violence as something other than a problem?  


About Janet Wootten

Janet Wootten is a media and public relations professional, a member of the Institute’s Board of Directors and a leader of its annual community fundraising campaign.
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3 Responses to Creativity Expert Keith Sawyer Joins Conversation on “Creating the World” w Gwen Lowenheim

  1. Sandra Hendrix-Lopez says:

    Incredible experience! Thank you Gwen and Keith for being part of our conversations. It is an honor to be part of this group.

  2. Chris says:

    I’ve heard this class is great. Must take it the next time it runs!

  3. Mary says:

    Sounds like a wonderful experience!

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