Autistic and in the World

Justin Canha's "Boys in Boxes"

Carrie Lobman comments on Improvisational on Sunday’s New York Times feature, Autistic and Seeking a Place in an Adult World which tells the story of Justin Canha, a young artist diagnosed with autism at age three, who was helped to find his talents and place in the world using a community-based instruction approach. Notes Lobman:

Justin Canha's "Two Chimps"

The combination of the radical acceptance shown for Justin and the demand that he grow…is incredibly powerful….In social therapy we have come to call the dialectic between the group’s radical acceptance and the demand that people give and grow a performance. It’s a performance of who you are and who you are becoming. This has been enormously helpful for many, many people including families and children dealing with an Autism or Asperser’s syndrome diagnosis. READ MORE 


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Janet Wootten is a media and public relations professional, a member of the Institute’s Board of Directors and a leader of its annual community fundraising campaign.
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