Peter Nsubuga Inspires Donors at Fall Ctty Meeting and Fundraiser

Peter Nsubuga, founder, Hope for Youth Uganda

International Class alumnus and Hope for Youth Uganda founder Peter Nsubuga joined director Lois Holzman and All Stars Project co-founder and UX dean Lenora Fulani as a special guest presenter at the Institute’s fall community meeting and fundraiser on Sunday, November 13. (Fulani, who is also on the Institute faculty, teaches the popular Revolutionary Conversation series, Breakthroughs in Youth Development.)

Nsubuga discussed the growth of “Hope for Youth Uganda,” which he founded in 2007 to inspire, support, and promote youth engagement and the role of young people as leaders of positive social change.  According to Holzman, his training with the International Class in 2008/9…

…helped Peter to advance his vision for the organization to include therapeutic and cultural/developmental activities….He thought that social therapy would greatly help build community and give emotional support to families, most of which have been fragmented by the death of one or both parents from AIDS. He also was eager to bring the All Stars Project performance-based development approach to the young people to help them grow. (READ MORE HERE)

On Sunday, Peter talked about growing into his new role as a community (social) therapist, which he performs with  groups of villagers. He thanked donors for the financial support that made it possible for him to attend the Performing the World conference and to complete his training with a full scholarship to the International Class.

Attended by 75 friends, the event raised $20,000, and brings the Institute into the home stretch to meet its 2011 fundraising goal of $145,000. Thanks to its base of supporters, the Institute has maintained its financial independence from government and granting agencies since 1985.

All Stars performance, Uganda style


About Janet Wootten

Janet Wootten is a media and public relations professional, a member of the Institute’s Board of Directors and a leader of its annual community fundraising campaign.
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