Holzman reports on trip to Serbia — challenging hold of societal identities…

New performers in Belgrade

Institute director Lois Holzman reports at LoisHolzman.org on a recent visit to Serbia which included activities with colleagues old and new.

As she has since 1997, Holzman attended annual meetings of Zdravo da Ste (“Hi Neighbor”) — a group of 100+ psychologists, educators, social and youth workers who have created a Vygotskian-influenced approach to performance and group creativity.  Says Holzman:

…They’ve devised elegantly simple ways to engage children, youth and adults in creating common joint activity—whether that takes a musical, artistic, poetic, dance, performance or conversational form, there is no goal external to the activity. Such a non-instrumental, tool-and-result method is dear to my heart…We have great love for each other…grown from mutual passion for a better world…

Holzman, Lina Kostarova-Onkovska, Paul Murray and Tim Prentki created performances around the topic of identity as an individual and collective process at the  meetings in Vrnjacka Banja, then brought the topic and conversation to Belgrade, as panelists hosted by psychologist Bojana Skorc at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Belgrade.

Holzman also led two workshops, one in Belgrade and the other in Novi Sad, organized by 2010 graduates of the Institute’s International Class Tamara Borovica, Bojan Drmonjic, Tamara Maksic and Milovan Savic.

Performers in Novi Sad

…I invited those in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Vrnjacka Banja to challenge the hold our societal identities have on us by embracing (or, at a minimum, considering) our historical “identity” as creators and transformers of how things happen to be at any given societal place and time. It’s a common joint activity the world needs very much right now. READ MORE


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Janet Wootten is a media and public relations professional, a member of the Institute’s Board of Directors and a leader of its annual community fundraising campaign.
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