Holzman and Friedman Head to Scandinavia

Lois Holzman will travel to Denmark and Sweden this week to lead a series of workshops and talks organized by colleagues in the Performing the World Community.

Esben Wilstrup rolls out the red carpet in Copenhagen

In Copenhagen, psychologist Esben Wilstrup, a 2009 graduate of the Institute’s International Class, has organized a workshop for Lois to address his co-workers at the Children and Youth Administration of The City of Copenhagen. Those invited are psychologists, support teachers, childcare auditors, specialists in reading and inclusion, and speech therapists. Later in the week, Holzman — joined by Castillo Theatre’s artistic director Dan Friedman — will lead A Full-Day Course in a Performative Approach to  Learning and Development also organized by Esben.  Friedman is also an invited presenter at the International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts conference, where he will speak on “Community Building, Theatre Making.”

Kerstin Gauffin

In Sweden, Kerstin Gauffin-Holmberg, a 2005 graduate of the International Class, invited Lois to speak at two campuses of Mälardalen University, where she is head of the Theatre and Creative Applications Program, on the topic of  play, performance and pretense. 


About Janet Wootten

Janet Wootten is a media and public relations professional, a member of the Institute’s Board of Directors and a leader of its annual community fundraising campaign.
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One Response to Holzman and Friedman Head to Scandinavia

  1. Jovanovic Slobodan says:

    Completing, not competing!
    Listening, not proclaiming!
    Feeling, not thinking about, each other.
    Meeting the different other, not discriminating.
    Being involved, not working with other people (‘s psychic illness).
    Visiting, not inspecting or selling.

    From a speech at Banja Luka University, 2005.

    The whole poem, and specially the last sentence is my comment!

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