Marxist psychologists in Mexico: Energized and disgruntled

In a recent post, Lois Holzman reports on the 2nd Marxism and Psychology Conference in Morelia, Mexico, where she presented along with colleagues Wellington de Oliveira (São Paulo) and Miguel Cortés and Jorge Burciaga (from Juárez, Mexico) on,  From Critical to Practical-Critical Psychology: Activating and Developing People and Community in Brazil, Mexico and the United States.

In her commentary, Holzman writes:

(l. to r.) Jorge Burciaga, Lois Holzman, Wellington de Oliveira and Miguel Cortés

Marxism as a practical-critical method for ordinary people to change the world—not an ideological tool for analysis or critique—is what I believe and live…I was especially pleased with a packed-house symposium I shared with Wellington de Oliviera from São Paulo Brazil, and Miquel Cortes and Jorge Borciaga from Juarez Mexico—three emerging grassroots leaders…. Not surprisingly, the young and the activists were excited and energized, while the Marxist scholars for whom theory is separate from and imposed upon practice were disgruntled. I was—I hope understandably—both thrilled and saddened by this.


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Janet Wootten is a media and public relations professional, a member of the Institute’s Board of Directors and a leader of its annual community fundraising campaign.
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