Lobman in Vilnius, Lithuania, finds kindred (play and performance) spirits



Carrie Lobman (l.) with Milda Bredikyte and Vida Kazragytė (both faculty, Vilnius Pedagogical Institute), and Anželika Charevičiūtė, theatre student.

At the invitation of faculty Milda Bredekyte and Pentti Hakkarainen, the Institute’s director of pedagogy Carrie Lobman led a week-long series of trainings on new approaches to play and performance at the Vilnius Pedagogical Institute and at an off-campus educational retreat for the Productive Learning project. 

Bredekyte and Hakkarainen are part of a multi-national team who have spearheaded a Vygotskian-inspired, play-based approach to early childhood education called Playworlds.  Bredekyte is also a consultant for Productive Learning — an EU project designed  to help at-risk teens stay in school. Students spend a few days each week (productively) apprenticing in  bakeries, kindergartens, computer-repair and auto shops.

On campus, Lobman presented to the psychology “play team” and to faculty in the theatre education departments, introducing the Performing the World conference/community and discussing the “performance shift” in psychology and education.

At the Productive Learning retreat, Lobman led an improv workshop with 30+ high school students and their teachers, in which everyone had the opportunity to play and perform. Says Lobman:

First we performed with some tried-and-true improv games, like ‘Bunny, Bunny.’ But I also asked them to help me get to know them by creating some skits that portrayed a day-in-the-life in their communities.


About Janet Wootten

Janet Wootten is a media and public relations professional, a member of the Institute’s Board of Directors and a leader of its annual community fundraising campaign.
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