Dr. Tony Perone: Imaginative Play Is Key in Adults’ Development


Congratulations to Institute colleague, educator and performer/improviser par excellence, Tony Perone for successfully defending his doctoral thesis in May.   His dissertation—entitled The Presence and Significance of Imaginative Play in the Lives of Mexican-Americans and conducted under the supervision of Dr. Artin Goncu—earned him a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from the University of Illinois at Chicago.  The work challenges dominant psychological theories that relegate the developmental value of imaginary play to early childhood.  Tony found that spontaneous, imaginative play continues to play an important and developmental role in the lives of the adults he studied.

Tony is off to his next adventure as Visiting Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Memphis’ College of Education, Health and Human Services. He continues to be interested in adults’ imaginative play experiences and how culture shapes and is shaped by play.

Both Tony and Artin are active with the Performing the World community and  presented at the 2012 conference in New York, Can Performance Change Save the World?


About Janet Wootten

Janet Wootten is a media and public relations professional, a member of the Institute’s Board of Directors and a leader of its annual community fundraising campaign.
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2 Responses to Dr. Tony Perone: Imaginative Play Is Key in Adults’ Development

  1. swampmother says:

    thanks for sharing this valuable work. Congrats fro Dr. Perone. Jean M

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