Japan study group performs Holzman’s ‘Vygotsky at Work and Play’

This just in from our colleague in Japan —  developmental psychology professor Yuji Moro at the University of Tsukuba.  Dr. Moro reports that he has organized a reading group to study Lois Holzman’s 2011 text, Vygotsky at Work and Play.

8The study group includes retired professors, psychologist colleagues, and actors from the Black Tent theatre company, which, by the way, received an Otto Award for political theatre several years ago.

It’s a very interesting experience for me, says Yuji…Very exciting! We’re reading the book, and grappling with some important ideas and conceptualizations and actually  performing them together with some direction from the actors.


Earlier this year, Dr. Moro organized a two-month online course for professors and students to study a performatory, developmental methodology and its Vygotskian roots with Holzman. The course built upon topics brought up during Holzman’s teaching and lecture tour in Japan in 2012.


Professor Moro has studied “Newman and Holzman’s  Vygotsky” for over two decades and is currently writing a book on the All Stars Project and the Institute.

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