Dan Friedman to join international playwriting project in Europe: One Land, Many Faces

Dr. Dan

This just in from Castillo Theatre artistic director and Institute faculty Dan Friedman…  Dan is among six playwrights from as many countries who will travel to Berlin and Budapest in December to take part in an international theatre project called One Land/Many Faces. It’s organized by Paris-based political theatre,  La Transplanisphére and artistic director Bruno Freyssinetand underwritten by the Cultural Programs for the European Union.

The six playwrights — hailing from the Congo, Hungary, Germany, South Africa, South Korea and the U.S. — will write a play together exploring how nations with a mix of cultures can survive/thrive.  The project is a response to the waves of immigrants pouring into Europe over the last few decades.

When Bruno first approached me, said Friedman, I pointed out that the United States has a very different history than Europe in this regard… We have been a mix of ‘many faces’ from the beginning and although we (obviously) didn’t always handle the ‘mixing’ very well, the experience of mixing of cultures is not new for us.

The playwrights will spend a week in Berlin and a week in Budapest talking with immigrants, politicians and scholars and conducting theatre workshops.  They will return to their home countries and write individually for a few months, then reconvene in the spring to create a unified script which Bruno will direct with actors from La Transplanisphére in Brussels.  

Being invited to participate in this project is a gratifying recognition of the community-based political theatre work we’ve been doing at the Castillo Theatre for the last 30 years and a great opportunity to meet progressive political artists from across Europe and the world.

Friedman is the co-author with Lois Holzman of Performing the World:  The Emergence of Performance Activismwhich will appear in the upcoming, Performance Studies in Motionedited by Atay Citron, Sharon Aronson-Lehavi and David Zerbib.  Look out for Lois and Dan’s Revolutionary Conversation on performance activism at the Institute this spring!

About Janet Wootten

Janet Wootten is a media and public relations professional, a member of the Institute’s Board of Directors and a leader of its annual community fundraising campaign.
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