Holzman’s “The Overweight Brain” makes online debut

Overweight Brain 111213d

Lois Holzman’s latest book project — The Overweight Brain: How Our Obsession with Knowing Keeps Us from Getting Smart Enough to Make a Better World — made its online debut at LoisHolzman.org with the publication of a provocative first installment.

Conceived as a non-academic book for anyone intrigued by our obsession with knowing and its disastrous consequences for the world, Lois plans to share the book chapter by chapter, as she writes it, and to solicit readers’ feedback and comments.

In the opening introduction, she comes out swinging:

For all the knowledge-gathering, evidence-based practices, diagnoses, assessments, evaluations, predictions and pontifications, are we any closer to peace in the Middle East or elsewhere, to bridging what educators call the achievement gap between white middle class children and minority and poor children, to eliminating poverty, to ending violence, to stopping the destruction of the planet?

What are readers saying?

Lucid and accessible!….After reading the intro, I’m hooked. Makes me excited to read the entire book!

Thank you!…Today we’re so inundated with information that we forget to live in the present…It tires me to have to constantly keep up… it’s so all-consuming, that at times I lose touch with other people.

I am so thrilled that you are writing in simple language and giving support to a new kind of wisdom:  the wisdom of play…You recognize the important role of play, theatrical performance and development in children’s development.


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Janet Wootten is a media and public relations professional, a member of the Institute’s Board of Directors and a leader of its annual community fundraising campaign.
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