Christine LaCerva and Paul Carlin to present @ ‘Beyond the Therapeutic State’ in Norway

Social Therapy Group director Christine LaCerva and Enerhaugen Family Counselling Services clinical psychologist Paul Carlin will be presenters at Beyond the Therapeutic State (Collaborative Practices for Individual and Social Change) in Drammen, Norway in June. The conference will draw participants from across the world who are challenging the individualized, medical model and DSM-V, and transforming therapy into something that actually helps people grow. The Institute and Social Therapy Group are among the growing list of sponsors worldwide.


Paul Carlin (l.) at Performing the World 2012

Christine and Paul’s workshop, entitled,  Therapy Interrupted: Performing Social Therapy, will explore a practice of emotional development that ‘interrupts’ the passivity, and victimization of the ‘therapeutic state.’  Other program highlights include keynoters, Kenneth Gergen (Relational Recovery from the Rage to Order), Robert Whitaker (Rethinking Psychiatric Care), Olga Runciman  (The Hearing Voices Network), and presenters  Jim Wilson and John Shotter (No Diagnosis, No Therapy, Just Life-to-Life, Face-to-Face Engagement), Tom Strong, Monica Sesma, et al. (‘Expert Therapeutic’ Discourse…a look at counter-practices), and Rolf Sundet (Collaboration and dialogue — helpers for searching therapists). The event draws from among the many worldwide doing something other than adhering to state-sanctioned, individualized medical model practices.

UnknownRead more about the conference at the Taos Institute site.


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Janet Wootten is a media and public relations professional, a member of the Institute’s Board of Directors and a leader of its annual community fundraising campaign.
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